Research on why books:

  • Reading Harry Potter makes kids less racist (even though the books aren’t very racially diverse)

  • Reading fiction books increases your general respect (check out the IH overview here)

  • Reading nonfiction books decreases your ego (check out the big IH study here)

  • Reading books lights up the city of your mind (check out the neuro research here)

Research on how to read books:

  • Speed-reading is bullshit (check out this by FS)

    • Though speed-writing is not! (it’s actually better: check out this by Clive)

  • Neuroscience of memory shows us that the best way to retain information is to take in books this way:

    • Read the stories—it makes the facts stick better than reading the bullets or summaries

    • Highlight and take notes—it makes the info stick better, and helps you visually remember since you’re encoding your actions and the place on the page

    • Read physical books if you want to improve your exact recall (because of the page placement)

Research on how to write books:

  • Check out the whole blog I have here