I explore big ideas and take apart huge topics from new perspectives —using advances in science and human behavior research to connect dots and help people think, live, and work differently.


Teamwork & Collaboration


cognitive Diversity

debate & Conflict

intellectual humility

Leadership & Collaboration skills


Lateral Thinking & Innovation

Lateral Thinking

science of innovation




Virtues & Principles

Intellectual honesty

Ego control

living deliberately


Writing & Storytelling

the Science of Stories

Reading Level

The Writing Process

profanity & word choices


In Which I Am A Human Guinea Pig

Urban Exploring

Ice Cream Diet

pizza diet

Soylent Diet

Brain Zapping


Random Investigations

Why are Ferrets Illegal in NYC?

What do movie zombies eat?

What makes things funny?

How to blow up a car


What data shows us about #oscarssowhite

What data shows us about the gender pay gap

The math of getting the world on clean energy

The math of “trickle down health care”

How Navy SEALs Would Approach Classic Movie Quests



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