Contently is a technology company created in New York City in 2010 by Joe Coleman, Dave Goldberg, and Shane Snow with the mission of building a better media world.

We're doing our part to build that world by helping publishers, consumers, and creators to build relationships through storytelling versus interruptions and advertisements. Since the beginning of commerce, businesses have wanted to build relationships with customers and potential customers. Since the beginning of history, humans have formed relationships by telling each other stories. (Watch my TEDx talk on the subject here). It's no surprise then, that the historical businesses with the strongest relationships with audiences are the ones that have provided the most value and told the best stories—the media companies.

Today, publishing has shifted because of technology. Tools are available that let anyone print, regardless of pedigree. That's meant a lot of things for the journalism and advertising industries, which have been historically intertwined and are now becoming unbundled. Our goal at Contently is to help the creative people behind every story to be able to survive doing what they love, and to provide tools and talent to any kind of publisher—regardless of pedigree—to encourage a meritocracy of publishing. Brands often use Contently to hire writers and photographers and access tools that help them tell stories to their audiences about what they care about. Media companies use Contently to extend their newsrooms with additional freelance talent. Freelancers use Contently to help themselves find work and manage their careers in a work marketplace that increasingly leaves the creative talent foraging for its own dinner.

As an organization, Contently is divided into three parts: We provide software and talent services that help publishers create and measure the effectiveness of original content ( We provide free tools to help freelance storytellers manage their careers ( And finally, we operate a nonprofit foundation for investigative journalism, to support the telling of public interest and human stories that would not otherwise be funded (

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