Killer Storytelling: learn how to tell better stories and Transform The Way You Work (And Live)

A free email course by the co-creator of Contently, starting January 26. Reserve your spot now! 


Killer Storytelling is a free course, delivered via email, that teaches you how to use stories effectively to improve your writing, presentation, and persuasion skills—at work as well as in your social life.

Each Tuesday for 6 weeks, you’ll learn how to craft great stories, as well as surprising ways to use storytelling to make an impact, build relationships, and make people care—and when not to. The course is specifically geared toward business leaders and ambitious workers in information and marketing professions.


LESSON 1: the real "oldest profession"
the surprising power of storytelling, and what most of us get wrong

and how they'll transform your writing

LESSON 3: tell stories every time you type
from emails to that novel you're working on

LESSON 4: the key to killer presentations
how storytelling will make your powerpoints 10000% better

LESSON 5: the business rockstar
how to build a devoted audience to your content

LESSON 6: surprise lesson





Shane Snow is a bestselling author, science and business journalist, and tech entrepreneur. He's the co-founder of Contently, a company that helps Fortune 500 brands and high-growth startups do content marketing that works. His work has been called "insanely addicting" by GQ and "spellbinding" by Huffington Post, and he's been called "one of the best storytellers out there" by Amazon, a "beautiful writer" by The New York Times. His LinkedIn blog is followed by 160,000 readers, and he is renowned for speaking around the world about innovation and the future of content.